Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Online Remote Data Backup

The topic of this article is remote data backup. In my opinion, every PC user has ever faced some computer problem, such as a virus on the computer, hardware or software error, or any other unusual situation. Due to any of those reasons a data loss could happen. Besides, data loss could be also produced because fire, theft or flood. I'd strongly recommend you to have a reserve copy of essential files so as not to suffer much from so terrible consequences.

The next step for you is choosing a backup storage, such as DVD, HDD, Blue-ray, etc. In this article we'll talk about remote data backup. One of the main benefits for remote backup is safety of your data while having some environmental problems (i.e. earthquake or fire). In such situations it's much better to backup all your important data remotely. Having done this, all your backed up files will be safe. Today, the best way to do it is to transfer your backed up files to a remote server via the Internet. You can do it with the use of backup software or using the special remote data backup service. Backing up manually you can forget or miss something, so, it rarely can ensure the right level of safety. Backup software make all process automatically, write a log about your remote data backups and restore your data if something wrong happens. A simple variant of such program will cost you about $40. For more complicated or professional version, the price will begin from around $100. For remote data backup you also should find a free server or sign up for hosting, which will cost you some money. The other way is remote data backup service. If you have an account, you will get unlimited space on a secure server, free backup software, 24 hours a day support service and many other advantages. Approximately, remote backup service will cost you $2/GB per month, which is rather little compared to data recovery prices and data loss after-effects. Of course, you should not better to face any data loss at all, but, you won't begrudge any money spent on backup if something bad occurs with your computer data. Using both remote backup software and remote data backup service will lead you not to doing backup functions and guarantee all your information safety.