Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DB2 restore online backup

DB2 is a cross-platform database management system commonly used by many enterprises of wide array of hi-tech industries from aerospace to defense. It is well known as one of the leading DBMS worldwide. That’s the reason for backup DB2 to be considered highly significant and really interesting.

Backup DB2 tables could be performed via ODBC protocol. The pros of this way is an ability to backup and restore databases online or to backup online databases, i.e. backup databases from online server. The cons are that you can only create a reserve copy of the DB2 tables and have no ability to backup other information from database.

Featured benefit of backup DB2 is an ability to perform hot backup and restore of database without stopping service. DB2 backup scheduling designed to automatically backup databases in any time period, daily or weekly. Generally the similar features used to backup Oracle.