Monday, November 10, 2008

Online Data Backup

Today I’d like to talk about Online data backup. This is one of the most secure way for making a reserve copy of your documents and files. You don’t keep your valuables on your PC, laptop, or at separate device, you upload your important files to a remote server, that is managed by high professionals. Of course, you should take into account some points: this remote server should be well designed and protected.

What are the main benefits of secure online data backup compared with other backup methods? DVD backup allows keep your data safe in case of some computer trouble, but you can not be ensure against the DVD destruction or loss. Making a reserve copy to other storage media, such as USB flash drives, HDDs absolutely doesn’t guarantee that your files will be safe, because all these devices could be damaged or lost.

As for online data backup, it doesn’t have all these disadvantages. Your files are stored in special place very far from your PC and nothing can destroy it. The work is managed by professionals who are responsible for the safety of your precious data.

As far as Online data backup service needs the work of qualified personnel, this service is not free. An average price is about $5-10 per month. It usually includes the use of a special backup program, so that you’ll not care about the safety of all your files.