Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easy Start for Successful Data Backup & Backup Software

Once in a while it occurs to every one of us “Should I get a data backup of all the great stuff I’ve got? Well, perhaps I should.” In a minute the thought is gone. It really strikes us only when the inevitable happens – a data loss! So, in another minute more thoughts come. “Those two last albums of Shakira, the Thanksgiving photos, the first self-shot movie of my son starting to walk… – all is gone, and gone forever! Wait, there is at least the movie copy on the camcoder… Oh! Whatever, with all the fuss, I’m deep in depression anyway!”
Ever found yourself in the like situation? Think there is a remedy for such disasters? Well, surely there is and most probably you already know the answer – backup software. So, if you have already realized the whole gravity of the moment and want to skip this part of your life when everything digital you used to have is gone, let’s discuss the exciting issues of data backup.
Yes, it is not that simple as to decide that you finally need backup software. There are many pitfalls on the way to finding perfect, suitable for you, backup application. You will need to read at least a couple of backup articles scattered around multitude of web sites. You will need to search for the latest backup reviews. You will need to look through and perhaps subscribe to several backup news feeds.
Sounds like too much of info for starters, huh? The point is that the decision you need to make is highly important, and only this serious approach will save you the costs and allow you to learn how to backup successfully. This knowledge will prove useful, because as you may already know computers are not perfect, hard drives can fail, not mentioning human mistakes or natural disasters.
So, in order to find the best and most appropriate backup methods you have to surf the Web for a while. Before you finally pick a backup software title you need to learn such things as remote backup service, backup schedule, backup storage and many more.
For instance there are three different types of backup scheduling, and all with strange names like “Tower of Hanoi” or “Round Robin”.
Another important issue is choosing the correct media for storing data backup. You can select from a long line of floppy disks (FD), hard disk drives, USB flash drives, optical disks that include all sorts of CDs and DVDs, remote FTP servers, different sorts of memory cards, and finally remote backup services. What kind of backup software to purchase? Is there free online backup software? Desktop backup application or online backup? All these questions can drive you crazy if you don’t have a clue from where to start.
Fortunately, there is a site that provides all this information and actually offers much more in a very convenient and fluent form. All backup info is very structured and is divided into the categories with the explanatory texts that carefully explain all the delicate points of backup process.