Friday, September 18, 2009

Backup to FTP

Backup to FTP is one of the most reliable and secure ways to transfer backup data to remote location. Handy Backup program provides easy-to-use and highly effective instrument to backup to FTP. If you want to find Backup utility to store backup data to remote location Handy Backup will be quite the best choice available, because program developed especially for this.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Online data storage – Take Advantage

Online data storage also known as “in the cloud” backup solution is a perfect way to protect you sensible and valuable information from dataloss of any kind as a result of hardware/software error, deleting data by mistake or a theft. Online data storage services provide customers from individuals to enterprises with secure and reliable ability to backup or archive data and be able to recover it any moment from remote location.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DB2 restore online backup

DB2 is a cross-platform database management system commonly used by many enterprises of wide array of hi-tech industries from aerospace to defense. It is well known as one of the leading DBMS worldwide. That’s the reason for backup DB2 to be considered highly significant and really interesting.

Backup DB2 tables could be performed via ODBC protocol. The pros of this way is an ability to backup and restore databases online or to backup online databases, i.e. backup databases from online server. The cons are that you can only create a reserve copy of the DB2 tables and have no ability to backup other information from database.

Featured benefit of backup DB2 is an ability to perform hot backup and restore of database without stopping service. DB2 backup scheduling designed to automatically backup databases in any time period, daily or weekly. Generally the similar features used to backup Oracle.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Online data backup methods

Among other backup methods you should seriously consider is online data backup. The online backup method has become fairly widespread among end-users and provides the desirable level of security for most of them. It is worthwhile mentioning that most online data backup services provide free space for unlimited usage and it is very likely that you can try and squeeze your most valuable data within these limits. Make sure to set up your backup utility for auto backup at the preferable schedule to have your files backed up on a regular basis.
There are of course also other methods of backup you may run into, but these are the most likely and useful for personal usage backup methods.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Get the Most of Online Backup Server

You should have an FTP access to the online backup server of your choice, because it is the most widely used protocol to transfer data to a remote server via Internet. You may also be as lucky as to have SFTP at your online backup server, and in this case you will be using a secure connection and none of the data being transferred can be accessed.
It is a great advantage if the online backup server supports specifically customized backup software. Some of them even provide such backup software for free. It doesn’t need any additional tweaking and is ready to work with a given remote server. Only state-of-the-art companies running online backup business offer their subscribed customers a free backup tool.
As a rule this backup software provided free of charge adds some extra features that considerably improve your online backup experience. One of the features is file encryption that protects all transferred to the remote backup server data with a password that can be decrypted only by you with a password. A good online backup server also provides encryption of the data when it is already on the server itself ensuring its security.
Still another useful feature worth mentioning that is usually supported by a packaged backup utility is online access to the backed up data. It implies that users can access backed up files through Internet and also run backup or restore task on a remote computer.
These few but highly important issues should be taken into account when selecting an FTP backup server to pick the most appropriate online backup server.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5-Step Easy Guide to Buy Online Backup

Online backup services are popping up on the web like mushrooms after a heavy rain, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to make the right choice and buy an online backup solution that suits you best. Let’s pretend that you have already decided to subscribe to a remote backup service. Where do you start to choose the best? Here’re the tips you don’t want to miss if you want to make the right choice.
Safety. It is hard to imagine something more important than this. Make sure the service you’re considering supports all security industry standards. The top-notch solution as a rule would provide a secure underground shelter with a data center to keep all your backed up information safe. It must have a restricted access for professional personnel only and provide some advanced security like biometric identification or closed-circuit video surveillance. Apart from this you may need to find out if they secure your data on the way to the storage, encrypt it on the fly that is. After you get positive answers to these questions, you may proceed with further estimation.
Web access. This feature of controlling backup performance via any browser through Internet all around the globe comes very useful when you can’t get direct access to your computer. The backup services that support this option give you the most control over backing up your information.
OS support. When you decide to switch to a different operating system and take all you precious data with you, a remote backup provider must allow for this feature. This functionality is closely connected with web access. In case it is supported, you may be sure that you will be able to transfer your data to a new OS easily and seamlessly.
Trial period. Serious online backup providers would always offer you a free trial. In fact, this is the only criteria to know if it will work for you: you need to backup and restore your data yourself. In case the backup service performs flawlessly during both trial steps, you may well go ahead and buy online backup.
Price. Online backup prices have been dropping recently due to the increased competition and the cheaper storage capacities becoming available. A typical remote backup pricing scheme includes monthly and yearly subscription options and rarely exceeds $10 per month. Some services also lower their backup prices in case you backup not too much data (in most cases up to 1-2 gigabytes), or if you subscribe to a family backup plan. It is a wise decision to pick the yearly subscription when available from provided online backup plans. It will save you a pretty penny.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easy Start for Successful Data Backup & Backup Software

Once in a while it occurs to every one of us “Should I get a data backup of all the great stuff I’ve got? Well, perhaps I should.” In a minute the thought is gone. It really strikes us only when the inevitable happens – a data loss! So, in another minute more thoughts come. “Those two last albums of Shakira, the Thanksgiving photos, the first self-shot movie of my son starting to walk… – all is gone, and gone forever! Wait, there is at least the movie copy on the camcoder… Oh! Whatever, with all the fuss, I’m deep in depression anyway!”
Ever found yourself in the like situation? Think there is a remedy for such disasters? Well, surely there is and most probably you already know the answer – backup software. So, if you have already realized the whole gravity of the moment and want to skip this part of your life when everything digital you used to have is gone, let’s discuss the exciting issues of data backup.
Yes, it is not that simple as to decide that you finally need backup software. There are many pitfalls on the way to finding perfect, suitable for you, backup application. You will need to read at least a couple of backup articles scattered around multitude of web sites. You will need to search for the latest backup reviews. You will need to look through and perhaps subscribe to several backup news feeds.
Sounds like too much of info for starters, huh? The point is that the decision you need to make is highly important, and only this serious approach will save you the costs and allow you to learn how to backup successfully. This knowledge will prove useful, because as you may already know computers are not perfect, hard drives can fail, not mentioning human mistakes or natural disasters.
So, in order to find the best and most appropriate backup methods you have to surf the Web for a while. Before you finally pick a backup software title you need to learn such things as remote backup service, backup schedule, backup storage and many more.
For instance there are three different types of backup scheduling, and all with strange names like “Tower of Hanoi” or “Round Robin”.
Another important issue is choosing the correct media for storing data backup. You can select from a long line of floppy disks (FD), hard disk drives, USB flash drives, optical disks that include all sorts of CDs and DVDs, remote FTP servers, different sorts of memory cards, and finally remote backup services. What kind of backup software to purchase? Is there free online backup software? Desktop backup application or online backup? All these questions can drive you crazy if you don’t have a clue from where to start.
Fortunately, there is a site that provides all this information and actually offers much more in a very convenient and fluent form. All backup info is very structured and is divided into the categories with the explanatory texts that carefully explain all the delicate points of backup process.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Novosoft Advances Into the Market of Enterprise-Level Backup Software

January 21, 2009

Novosoft, an international IT-consulting and software development company, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup – data backup and disaster recovery utility targeted for enterprises exploiting IBM's DB2 data servers.

Alliance, Ohio, January 21, 2009 – Novosoft, one of the leading providers of backup solutions worldwide, recently released a new version of Handy Backup with support for backing up and restoring DB2 databases. Now companies that use IBM technologies can take advantage of Handy Backup to protect data of their e-commerce, CRM and other DB2-based applications from loss or damage.

"It's been years since our company has become IBM Premier Partner, and we are happy to have our relationship further strengthened with the new product," said Alexander Prichalov, head of Novosoft product department. "Handy Backup is a shining example of how investments in knowledge can make a program grow to one of the most popular solutions in its market. We hope that enterprises that choose IBM DB2 data servers will find Handy Backup greatly useful and beneficial for their businesses."

The first steps into the market of enterprise backup software have been taken by Novosoft roughly two years ago when the company released three plug-ins for Handy Backup that allowed safeguarding data of ODBC-compatible databases, Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange Server. In May, 2007 the company's product line has been enhanced by the introduction of Handy Backup Server which also allowed backing up networked workstations on a client-server scheme.

"What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we offer a reliable solution priced lower than all similar products," said Mr. Prichalov. "This is achieved due to a unique plug-in-based architecture used in Handy Backup, which allows every user receive a utility tailored for his own needs – without paying for functions that he never uses."

About Handy Backup

Introduced in 2002, Handy Backup is a disk imaging and backup utility for Windows-based computers and Windows Server-based enterprise networks. It lets users create backups of their computer data, either as one-time events or on a scheduled basis. Backups can be automatically compressed, encrypted, and stored to any local media or remote server of user's choice. Handy Backup Server can also back up data of networked workstations.

Prices of the software range from $39 for the basic functionality to $199 for a full-featured solution which includes support for one-click backing up of DB2 databases, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL, Lotus Notes, ODBC-compatible databases, as well as support for SFTP backup destinations and a disk imaging module. The enterprise backup edition of the program, Handy Backup Server, includes 5 licenses for remote workstations and costs $599.

To learn more about Handy Backup, please refer to the product website at

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft develops and markets a wide range of software products for individual computer users and small- to medium-sized businesses. The company strives to use the most advanced technologies and deliver high quality and cost effective solutions ensuring customers satisfaction and trust. For more information, refer to the corporate website at


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