Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Get the Most of Online Backup Server

You should have an FTP access to the online backup server of your choice, because it is the most widely used protocol to transfer data to a remote server via Internet. You may also be as lucky as to have SFTP at your online backup server, and in this case you will be using a secure connection and none of the data being transferred can be accessed.
It is a great advantage if the online backup server supports specifically customized backup software. Some of them even provide such backup software for free. It doesn’t need any additional tweaking and is ready to work with a given remote server. Only state-of-the-art companies running online backup business offer their subscribed customers a free backup tool.
As a rule this backup software provided free of charge adds some extra features that considerably improve your online backup experience. One of the features is file encryption that protects all transferred to the remote backup server data with a password that can be decrypted only by you with a password. A good online backup server also provides encryption of the data when it is already on the server itself ensuring its security.
Still another useful feature worth mentioning that is usually supported by a packaged backup utility is online access to the backed up data. It implies that users can access backed up files through Internet and also run backup or restore task on a remote computer.
These few but highly important issues should be taken into account when selecting an FTP backup server to pick the most appropriate online backup server.
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